Vida is a science-based, virtual toolbox that empowers parents to find and rid their homes of lead sources before children are exposed. Vida’s chatbot engine employs data on hundreds of lead-exposure risk factors and everyday items that parents can test for lead. It gives customized actions to help each family get rid of lead sources, drawn from scientific literature and public health agencies.

The goal is to measurably lower the lead levels in U.S. children by making Vida a standard part of pre-conception or early prenatal visits so potential lead exposures can be found and eliminated before a child is poisoned.

Vida is currently in transition, between a pilot phase in 10 communities around the country, and its trial as a national tool to be employed in prenatal clinical settings. Stay tuned for the public release of Vida for use by any family and any clinician, later in 2019.

In the meantime, you can learn more about how to protect your family from lead, with Vida’s prioritized action lists.